The Impact of social media on political culture

Political culture is the set of beliefs and practices that a group of people share together. In order to reach a particular goal, they shape their political behavior, according to people’s (and their own) necessity.  Given the growth and abundance of new advances in technology, political powers across the globe are being impacted and changed by the social media’s influential potential.

As political individuals gain followings of their peers and, as a result, their voices are heard by more people, through the social networks, the culture and the future of nations are impacted. Presidents can be impeached or even win elections through the reach of technology and social media.  Someday, People might eventually recognize their power to shape the Future, yet the Powerful will always be wary.

Nowadays social media’s force of the impact on political culture might vary, as the Internet is like a giant sea of ever changing information – you never know, what people will talk about the next day. This may change in the near future as wariness of people and reach of technology is increasing exponentially. What are the facts and benefits of the social media’s potential on our daily life? Let’s try to find it out.

1.Historically, media and politics have impacted each other since the days of the newspaper.

Since the emersion of the newspaper, mainstream political culture has been increasingly affected by advances in technology.  The newspaper found its early popularity in England by covering politics.  This was due in part to the fight for press and electoral freedoms, and a need for a neutral portrayal of partisan issues.

Newspapers were often chastised for their skewed representation of politicians.Originally the common person could not afford a subscription, thus newspapers mostly served the elite.  However, as economies grew so did the demand for news.  As people fought for more rights and freedoms, they also needed an improved source of information on which to base political decisions.

The 20th century has seen an influx of new technologies, and a boom in technological mediums that distribute the news. Politics and news are now accessible through smart phones, tablets, lap tops, even gaming consoles.  Our entire culture, including our political practices, has been shaped in part by the invention of the smart phone.  Not only is it accessible, but social media has made politics a topic that even those not outwardly and politically involved can voice their opinions and take part in debates.  The sheer reach of these mediums can be astounding. [Read more...]

The value of culture in modern society

The value of culture in modern societyThe definition of culture is the beliefs, customs, arts, traditions, and other expressions that join and connect a particular group of people.  Regardless of the differences in the population, the culture is what is shared by them all. Historically, cultures have been shaped by a person’s geographical region or country and the associated history. In modern society, however, the internet and social media has allowed people to forge connections with other people all the way across the world.  The human culture is starting to conquer traditional geographical boundaries.

In today’s mobile society many people may find themselves residing in countries far away from their own.  Culture shock can occur when people are suddenly and fully subjected to the culture of another place, normally strikingly different than their own.  Video conferencing services such as Skype can allow a person to “attend” functions and ceremonies, therefore keeping someone still very much a part of their own culture even when they are physically far away.  Smart phones will immediately provide you with news stories from your home country.  We are much better able to not only remain connected to our own culture, but to also experience others. [Read more...]

Future technologies that will change the world

Future technologies that will change the worldFrom the dropping of the now banned A-bomb on Hiroshima to the development of the microwave, technologies of the future will one day impact the world, whether for good or for bad.  Traditionally, we have also seen some technological advances that alter jobs that people hold or the duties that they are required to perform, sometimes even making them nonexistent.  Science and technology continue to be fields of explosive growth, the impact of some of these future ideas will impact the world in numerous ways.

1. Nanotechnology

What future breakthrough is IBM investing over $3 billion in researching?  IBM is investing money to craft smaller computer chips that will sustain computer processes for generations.  This chip is coined to be the grandchild of modern chips and the research will extend to even further generations than that.  IBM’s primary goal is to have the chip’s transistors to measure around seven nanometers, the equivalent to one thousandth the width of a strand of human hair.

Why would this be an important advancement? IBM expects these computers to be more efficient at solving problems or even solving those problems that are today considered to be unsolvable.   Simply put, they want the computers to have a more human brain-like development.  The days of Artificial Intelligence where we live amongst machines may be just around the corner.  Since IBM already developed supercomputers to simulate the human brain for government-funded research, it may be closer than we think. [Read more...]

How to Become Conscious

How to Become ConsciousWhen I talk about becoming conscious, I’m not talking about just waking up in the morning. I’m talking about realizing the things going on around you, even within you, and becoming more conscious of your life and the things in it than you are at present. To be truly free, not just thinking they are free, humans need to live consciously, with a better understanding of themselves and the world surrounding them. Here are six ways to become more conscious:

-          You’ve got to start telling the truth. To yourself, as well as to those around you. Being honest with yourself and others is a fast track to figuring out what kind of person you really are. Maybe you won’t end up liking that person very much, but you’re also capable of changing that person once you understand him.

-          You have to start building up a sense of courage. This goes hand in hand with finally admitting shortcomings and places where you can improve, but being courageous is about more than that. You need to be more willing to help others when you see they are distressed, more willing to speak up when you have something to say, more willing to act when you want to act.

-          You must pay more attention to yourself and your surroundings. Being attentive insures you don’t miss cues dropped by other people, or miss cues your own body or mind are trying to drop for you. To accomplish conceptualization of features and requirements of a high scale project, one should be able to concentrate on his goal and work in a team with colleagues. This depends greatly on being attentive and realizing people’s wants and desires.

-          You should always be acquiring new knowledge, and learning new things every day. Just because you’re not in school anymore doesn’t mean the world has run out of things to teach you – not hardly! Building knowledge is as easy as reading a book, or an article, or listening to someone speak on something at which they’re an expert. There’s so much useless knowledge out there; amass some of your own.

-          Start acting reasonable. Yes, it can be much better to argue than just agree with someone. I myself have met plenty of people who seem to enjoy arguing, even when there’s nothing to be won by it. Be reasonable, and you will see the world around you becoming honest with you.

-          Last but not least, you should surround yourself with other conscious people. It’s like talking to an enlightened individual can help to make you enlightened as well. People working in IT and Data Centers are very conscious – they have to be if they plan on keeping their jobs, after all. I know this, as I used certified Citrus Solutions engineers to help me with an issue not too long ago. I was quite happy to talk with people who had their wits about them, smart people.